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A Holistic Way to Coach

It's here! Time to elevate your training with your coach, Ashley, using the latest fitness software app.

Fascia Flow with Ashley
45 min


Discover personalized fitness plans, real-time progress tracking, community support and more.


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Stretch Session

1 Workout Completed

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A Holistic Way to Coach

What the f*ck is Holistic Hybrid coaching? 

Holistic hybrid coaching combines both running/cardio and strength training to optimize your fitness. "Hybrid" refers to the blend of these two elements for a well-rounded approach. Additionally, "holistic" means addressing your overall well-being, including physical, mental, and emotional aspects. As a coach, I also incorporate functional training, ensuring that movements mimic real-life activities for practical fitness.

So are YOU ready to transform beyond the confines of your gym routine? Then we welcome you to Activ Balance Coaching, where we redefine personal growth. Our approach goes beyond physical training, delving into mindset and spirit for holistic healing and strength.


Join our movement for change, joy, and self-acceptance, and unlock your fullest potential.Are you ready to commit to your growth journey?


Here's why you're the perfect fit for Activ Balance Coaching:-


You're dedicated to putting in the work.

- You seek a healthy life balance.

- You're open to virtual, online, or in-person training.

- You trust the process and focus on your own progress.

- You crave guidance inside and outside the gym.

- You're eager to cultivate a thriving mind-body connection.

- You're willing to adopt new habits for lasting lifestyle changes.


Ready to thrive? Join us today and embark on your transformational journey with Activ Balance Coaching.


Holistic Hybrid Coaching

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Activ Balance Clients Say

"I don’t know where to begin with Ashley, she is an amazing and inspirational person and Personal trainer. I reached out to Ashley as I was going to gym/classes and seeing no results. She knew exactly what I needed to change up in order to reach my goals. Within weeks I felt stronger, fitter and my confidence would grow with every session. Ashley is so motivating and enthusiastic you can tell she actually cares about helping you be your best self. Not only is she a PT but she has completely changed my relationship with food and changed my eating habits for the better. Which I am now sharing with my family and creating a healthier life for us all. I finally feel proud of myself and what I have achieved and this is only the beginning. Ashley has changed my life for the better! Hands down the best PT I have ever worked with, I would highly recommend her :) "

Leanne Tippey 

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