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Meet Your Coach

Everyone, and I believe everyone has the opportunity and possibility to turn their life around. Not only do you need the perfect formula of; determination, consistency and drive, you need the right support around you. Keep at it, and self-belief will form deep inside of you. Who you always wanted to become can become your reality.


When I first got back into fitness (after almost 14 years of binge drinking, partying and smoking) I began my transformation quietly in my home. I woke up x3 times a week to workout at 0600 before a full days work. I changed my diet and I began to prioritise my health. I kept to a program of 12 weeks and to my surprise, I not only saw it through, I saw changes in me. I began to believe that change was possible.


Within 12 weeks I saw my body go from a post-partum size 12 back to my natural, lean size 6. I, focused, positive. I even slept better but it didn't stop there....


I fell back in love with running. My one true love. The way my brain entered, what we now know as "the flow state" became a new obsession. I loved the way I could transcend through time and come out the other end, invigorated.


However, when I started running again, I was an absolute mess. I struggled to even achieve a 2k distance and would regularly vomit from the exertion.

I put it down to my asthma, however the voice within, my innate wisdom, told me to hang on in. So I did. I alternated my running training with my at-home workouts and kept working hard, week in, week out.


Then a friend said to me, let's enter the local 10k night trail race. I hadn't raced in over a decade but then again, I was getting into new things and I never heard of night racing. It was absolutely terrifying! I had all the gear and no idea. Once the 10k was over I was beyond shocked to find out I made it third out of hundreds of fellow racers. After all the glitz and podium standing, it dawned on me. That maybe, just maybe, this ill-treated body was actually achieving something and could still have a little competition left in her.


The transition to where I am now was slow. What I realised was, I initially wanted to change my body but ultimately, I changed my mind and outlook. I now treat my body with the utmost respect and I am now looking further into my health, by exploring; meditation, therapy, breathwork, fascia release and other flow state methods. Staying healthy may have started with only a few workouts but now I see what an inspiration I have been to my family, and I hope to trailblaze new generations of healthy descendants.


From all the years of learnt mistakes, fails, wins, hours-weeks-months and years of studying, teaching and coaching. I have formulated a method that will get you to a new space in your mind and your body. I truly ask you of this...


Trust. The. Process.

Ashley x 

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