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"I don’t know where to begin with Ashley, she is an amazing and inspirational person and Personal trainer. I reached out to Ashley as I was going to gym/classes and seeing no results. She knew exactly what I needed to change up in order to reach my goals. Within weeks I felt stronger, fitter and my confidence would grow with every session. Ashley is so motivating and enthusiastic you can tell she actually cares about helping you be your best self. Not only is she a PT but she has completely changed my relationship with food and changed my eating habits for the better. Which I am now sharing with my family and creating a healthier life for us all. I finally feel proud of myself and what I have achieved and this is only the beginning. Ashley has changed my life for the better! Hands down the best PT I have ever worked with, I would highly recommend her :) "

Leanne Tippey 

Following my surgery for Endometriosis I was feeling very helpless as to how I could possibly get my fitness back. I decided to give Ashley’s stretch & Mobilise class a go about 6 weeks ago. I have many year of fitness classes behind me and I can honestly say that it is the best class I have done. Stretching has never formed a big part of any of my workouts but I now realise how important it really is.I have never been flexible but after 6 weeks of attending Ashley’s class only once a week my flexibility and mobility has improved no end - I can now touch my toes - up until now this has always been mission impossible. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in a few more weeks!Not only is Ashley a fantastic trainer but is also a great listener who is full of encouragement and is so passionate about helping me achieve my goalsThank you so much Ashley x

Beccy Short

"I contacted Ashley as I was looking for someone to help me improve my fitness and feel more confident about my body. Three years after having my little boy I had gained a bit of weight and my body shape was different. I felt like I was hiding away and although I was doing some exercise I was very much stuck in a routine that wasn’t really making any impact.I also have a chronic condition in one of my legs which means I have to ensure whatever exercise I do there is very little impact on this area.Ashley really took the time to understand what support I was looking for and consider all the factors to help create a workout routine that was specific to my needs.Not only did my fitness improve but my well-being as a whole too. I was making time for myself, I was thinking about my diet, water intake, and sleep. This re-focus really helped me not only feel better about my body but myself in general.I worked with Ashley for about 8 months and now nearly a year after I started I still implement what she taught me and have maintained my weight loss and fitness. I can’t thank her enough.If you are ready to make a positive change Ashley can help you do it.Thanks so much, Ashley"

Sarah Williams

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